Texania Evangelical Lutheran Synod






Southwestern Aloia (Mariana, Westphalia)

Separated from

Church of Aloia



The Texania Evangelical Lutheran Synod is a Lutheran Christian denomination found mainly in Texania. The Texania Synod is the largest religion in Texania and a member of the Lutheran Council


Christianity has flourished in Texania for many centuries. The cities that would one day make up Texania were once members of the Baltic League, a commercial and defensive confederation of merchant guilds and their market cities. In 1417, the Baltic League ceased to be the loose alliance that it had been and became a federation of citystates with a common monarch and central ruling council.

In 1517, Martin Luther, a Saxon monk published his 95 Theses, a document criticizing the established Catholic church and its excesses and indulgences. This led to massive religious conflict throughout the Baltic League. Most of the League's bishops and leaders followed Luther's teachings, except the Bishops of Houstonia and Austinia. The southern cities of the Baltic League broke away from the federation, citing the vast religious differences developing between the regions. 

The first incarnation of a unified Texania resulted from the Reformation. This sovereign state, which was officially governed by Prince-Bishops loyal to the Church of Cadiz, survived until 1631. In its almost 75 years of existence, hundred of thousands of Aloian Catholics migrated to Texania. 

In 1631, Gustavus Adolphus of Aloia captured the final Texanian city, making Texania part of the Aloian Empire. A result of this was the ban of Catholicism in all Aloian territory and the establishment of Lutheranism as the religion of Texania. This heritage is continued to this day, with almost all Texanians belonging to a Lutheran church. 

After the 2016 revolution led by the Young Proletariat, Christianity became majorly persecuted. The only free exercise of religion in Texania is found in East Texania, the small remainder of the Texanian Republic. The Texania Synod has been essential in humanitarian efforts to provide resources to people behind the partition line and smuggling out refugees. 

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