Emperor Cephorus as he appears in the halls of Julium's imperial palace.

The phrase "the murderer is dead, long live the Emperor!" (Eurasian: Parricidam mortua est, vivat imperator) was used by the Emperor of Eurasia Cephorus I after the death of Potema Eurasia, whom had started the Interregnum and had begun the War of the Red Diamond. Potema had been condemned to crucifixion and public scourging for her actions, but she had hanged herself before Cephorus was able to carry out the action.

The full text of the Emperor's short speech was "Great Jupiter! May the souls of our ancestors rest in peace eternal. The murderer is dead, long live the Emperor!" (Eurasian: Jupiter magne! Requiescat in pace almam maiorum aeternum. Parricidam mortua est, vivat imperator!) To date, the short speech is recited annually by the Emperor on the holiday of Potema's death.

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