An artist's conception of the satellite.

The Tonare Jovis System (Eurasian: Systema Tonare Iovis, lit. "Jupiter's Thunder System") is an orbital nuclear launch system, operated by the Empire of Eurasia. It is part of the nuclear tetrad operated by the Military of Eurasia. Operating as a series of four satellites, launched in the late 1970's, the satellites are each capable of launching fourteen nuclear-tipped missiles each from orbit to any target in the world.

The satellites are the only ones of their classification and purpose known presently to exist, and are likely to be the only ones to exist. Eurasia has stated it does not plan to launch new systems, and is content to hold the current missiles until their eventual decay and fall into orbit. The system itself is expensive to maintain, and the use of sea and mobile land-based missile systems have made the satellites more or less irrelevant.

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