The Emperor and Empress during the crisis.

The Trajectan Crisis of 2009 was a Eurasian political scandal that occurred in, initially, 2009, and ended in 2010 with the direct intervention of Augustus IV, Emperor of Eurasia. It also resulted in Gaius Julius Victor being appointed Praetor of Mosa Trajectum.

The crisis began following the Election of 2008, in which the Populares and the Optimates both won an almost equal portion of the Senate of Eurasia. The Proconsuls of Eurasia, while usually able to break any tie, were also almost equally divided politically due to a series of unexpected vacancies. Thus, when the Praetorship of Mosa Trajectum became vacant, the Senate was unable to decide on who should succeed to the position.

The Praetorship thus fell vacant for several weeks, until in mid-2009 Augustus IV issued a proclamation declaring the Province an Imperial territory as opposed to a Senatorial one, which under Eurasian law meant if fell under direct Imperial control. Augustus thus became, effectively, the Praetor of Mosa Trajectum. This allowed Mosa Trajectum to be governed, if temporarily. However, the Senate still unable to elect a successor, which caused Augustus in late-2009 to declare that Gaius Julius Victor would assume the Praetorship on January 10th, 2010. Augustus also unilaterally filled many of the Proconsular seats which had been left empty, which allowed the Optimates to gain a razor-thin majority. Victor was thus confirmed as Praetor in mid-2010.

The crisis spawned a number of legal challenges to the authority of the Emperor over the Senate, with many viewing Augustus' actions, if necessary, as a form of overreach. However, all lawsuits brought against the throne have been discarded by the courts.

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