A Eurasian mural of Tinek, King of Granada who signed the Treaty of Almeria.

The Treaty of Almeria (Eurasian: Foedus Speculae Habraeae, lit. "Treaty of the Hebrew Watchtower") was a concordat signed between the Laurentine Republic and the Kingdom of Granada, which formed the conquered kingdom into the Province of Judea. Its capital was Granada Maritima. The treaty signified the formal dissolution of the Kingdom of Granada, and by extension due to a personal union, the Kingdom of Alhambra into Eurasian provincehood. It established Eurasian rule in Granada for almost 300 years to come.

Following the establishment of the Eurasian Empire from the Laurentine Republic during the reign of Emperor Augustus I, the treaty was amended to allow Eurasian merchants far-reaching trade and mercantile rights. It also acknowledged the ultimate authority of the Emperor and of Maiorism, which caused great dissent amongst the Jewish population, directly leading to several revolts later.

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