Treaty of Zumbrota
Eurasian aircraft bombing an unknown location in Zackalantis.


Pactus Zumbrotensis

Tarajani Dutch

Verdrag van Zumbrota


Traktato de Zumbrota

The Treaty of Zumbrota, also known as the 1977 Peace Accords, and commonly as the Great War Treaty was signed by SECURS and Union of Progressive States representatives following the Ienaran War in the mid-to-late 1970's. Ratified in Zumbrota, Aloia, the treaty was signed by multiple nations, including Eurasia, New Tarajan, New-Zealand, Zackalantis, and Ienara.

The Treaty served to end hostilities between SECURS and UPS, as well as provide a solution to the situation in Ienara. Under the terms of the Treaty, Ienara would be divided between the monarchist southern Empire of Tokugawa and northern Ienara.