Mara, mother-deity of the Divines and Goddess of Love.

The Trials of St. Alessia are a series of religious stories sacred to Novem Deos. They are also honored as sacred in Mos Maiorum, although not to the degree as in Novem Deos. They chronicle the journey of Saint Alessia as she travels throughout Ancient Eurasia, gathering allies for her rebellion against her people's slave masters, the Ayleids.

According to tradition, Alessia escaped forced servitude and fled into the wilderness, where she communed with the gods over a course of ten years, earning their respect and convincing them to help free her people from slavery.


Prior to the Trials of Alessia and the Alessian Slave Revolt, Deosian tradition states that the Ayleids, a race of man-like demons, ruled ancient Eurasia. They enslaved mankind and forced them into servitude and used them in vile necromantic rituals. Alessia was a mortal woman who escaped slavery thanks to what many view as the intervention of the god Akatosh. The Eyelids were Daedra worshippers, and as such were hostile to the Nine Divines and the gods as a whole. After Alessia escaped, she spent ten years wandering the wilderness of Eurasia, communing with the eight divines (Julius Eurasius would not be born nor apotheoses for another 3,000 years) and building an army of slaves and humans to fight the Ayleids. Eventually, she started the Allesian Slave Revolt, which lead to the Ayleids being defeated and the humans establishing the Alessian Empire.

Trials of Stendarr

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