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The United Newellian Federation was a state that existed from 1856 in Norda until the joint Eurasian-Duresian Invasion in the late 1930's, which resulted in its partition into Duresian Newellia and Eurasian Newellia. Following the end of the Great War, the territory formerly belonging to the Federation were temporarily administered as Arveyran Newellia before becoming the First Khanate.

The Duresio-Eurasian invasion resulted in the complete destruction of the Newellian population, with almost all of the former citizens being murdered during the Omnestacita. The Duresian withdrawal following the collapse of the Duresian First Republic caused Eurasia to be forced to administer the whole country, which in the face of partisan uprising, fighting against Royalist Duresian soldiers, internal strife between Laurentius III of Eurasia and the Senate, and an overextension of Eurasian supply lines, who were taxed heavily with the rebellions in Eurasian Zackalantis, caused Eurasia to begin a strategic withdrawal from the country, destroying all the local infrastructure in a scorched earth policy as they went. By the time the Eurasians had fully withdrawn, the country had been reverted to a near bronze-age technological state.

Following the war, the Federation had completely collapsed, and the area was taken by Arveyres as a territory before it was transitioned to the First Khanate, under the rule of the Khans, who were one of the few native ethnic minorities who had not been totally exterminated alongside the Newellians. The Khans formed their own native government, the Khanate of Fire, which was ultimately ended in the Khanate Intervention in 2012. The lands formerly occupied by Newellia and the Khanate are now administered as parts of Kaevi, New Tarajan, Duresia, and Eurasia. The majority of former Newellia falls under Eurasian administration as the Province of Ostium.

Historically, the Khans were the ethnic majority in the region, but in the 1800's they were progressively displaced by Germanic Newellians, who took control of the country. It is important to note that the Newellians adopted many cultural practices of the Khans, which caused them to be viewed as inferior by the Ascanio-Eurasian Raetics and Lyrians. When the war ended, the Khans survived, if in heavily depleted numbers, and were able to refound their pre-Newellian state.

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