Skyrim vaermina by jeclxohko-d6acp8i

Vaermina Manipulatrix.

Vaermina (Eurasian: Vermina; Dovazhul: Vayrah), the Dreamweaver, also called Vaernima, is one of the seventeen Daedric Princes. Her sphere of influence includes nightmares, psychological terror and torment, dreams, bringing evil omens, and stealing memories. Vaermina is considered one of the most evil of the Daedra in Deosian lore.

Vaermina's realm of Oblivion is Quagmire, which is said to be a place of constantly shifting nightmares and pure, animal terror. According to Deosian teaching, when a mortal has a nightmare, they are brushing the fringes of Vaermina's realm. It is also said that nightmares are caused because Vaermina has stolen one's dream, and left instead a small vestige of her realm in its place.

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