A seaside town in Mosa Trajectum.

The Vesperian Shield (Eurasian: Aegis Vesperiana; Dovahzul: Spaansevespiira) is a geographic series of islands in Eurasia, which form an arc to the west of the Laurentine Isle. It is comprised of Calleva Atrebatum, Mosa Trajectum and Vicus Leodicus, and Cortoriacum to the south. The shield, prior to the arrival of Eurasia, was home to the Vesperii people, a Raetic ethnic group similar to Eurasians. Their language, Vesperian, is still spoken today in certain parts of Mosa Trajectum and Vicus Leodicus, but it is considered endangered.

The island which contains Vicus Leodicus and Mosa Trajectum, collectively called Greater Trajecta, is a volcanic island, part of the chain of volcanoes which runs from the north of Vicus Leodicus, through the Laurentine Isle, and into the Asticus Peninsula.

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