Victoria Chisholm
Shirley chis

Political office

59th Chancellor of Aloia

In office

10 January 1973 - 10 January 1981

Preceded by

Kendrick Berkeley

Succeeded by

Hadrian Rhodes


Victoria Anita St. Hill
25 November 1924
Havana, Arveyres


1 January 2005
Konza City, Konza

Political party

Christian Social Party (1958-1965)
Christian Democratic Union (1965-2005)


Stanley Chisholm

Alma mater

Metropolitan State College
Konza State University


Evangelical Free Church of Aloia

Victoria Chisholm (25 November 1924 - 1 January 2005) was an Aloian politician and educator who served as Chancellor of Aloia from 1973 to 1981. Chisholm was Aloia's second female Chancellor, in addition to being the second Oriento-Aloian Chancellor.

Chisholm was born Victoria Anita St. Hill in Havana in the Arveyran Antilles. Chisholm's family moved to Konza City when she was 12. In 1942, when she turned 18 years old, she signed up to be a medic in the Aloian Armed Forces during the Great War. After the war ended she attended Metropolitan State College. She then attended Konza State University on a scholarship from the Rhodes family. She got her teaching certificate and returned to Konza City to teach in 1952.

Chisholm became involved in the local chapter of the Christian Social Party, a predecessor to the modern Christian Democratic Union. Chisholm was elected to the Konza City City Council in 1958. Chisholm was also elected Mayor of Konza City in 1962, that city's first female mayor and first African Aloian mayor. Chisholm returned to teaching in 1966, when her term as mayor ended. She had been a major benefactor to the 1965 merger of the Christian Democratic Party and Christian Social Party and also was chosen as the first chairman of the new CDU.

She taught for two years until 1968, when she was elected to the Senate of Aloia, representing central Konza City. In 1972, she stepped down as chair of the CDU to run for that party's nomination for Chancellor of Aloia following the retirement of Kendrick Berkeley, the first CDU Chancellor. She defeated 3 other candidates in the election, becoming Aloia's first elected female Chancellor, second African Aloian Chancellor, and fourth chancellor born in Arveyres.