Victoriana is a female depiction of the nation of Aloia and a patriotic emblem of the Aloian people. Victoriana is contrasted with the more well-known symbol, Mother Aloia. Victoriana is depicted as a female warrior, with a trident and a shield emblazened with the Flag of Aloia. Victoriana often has a lion by her side, representing the State of Natal. While Aloia proper, represented by Victoriana, was a powerful force in Naskigo and the global west, Natal was a powerful force in Oriento and the eastern part of the world.

Victoriana receives her name from the first Queen of Aloia, Victoria I, and also from the longest-reigning Aloian monarch, Victoria Augusta, who reigned from 1837-1901. Victoriana was created during the early days of Victoria Augusta's reign, but gained most popularity and began to take on her current form as a warrior queen as the wars of the late 19th century raged on during the later days of Victoria Augusta's reign.

Both personifications were based on the two major facets of Aloian society during Victoria Augusta's reign: the nurturing, compassionate state with loose immigration laws and open borders, and the powerful Aloian military, which is dedicated to defending freedom and the values of equality and liberty among the international community.

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