The flagship of the Eurasian submarine fleets, the MEN Cephorus.


Eurasian Fleets


June 7th, 2012

In Service

40 planned
18 under construction


ballistic missile submarine


20 (955А Borei II), 20 (Project 955)[2] ×
RSM-56 Macea SLBMs with 10 MIRVed warheads
6 × 533 mm torpedo tubes
RPK-2 Viyuga cruise missiles -

The Project Vulcan, Eurasian Vulcanus class is a type of nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine developed by the Eurasian Fleets. It is the newest class of ballistic missile submarine to be deployed by Eurasia, and is the most modern submarine of its type in the world. It holds twenty RSM-56 Macea SLBM MIRV missiles, each capable of holding 10 400 kiloton warheads.

The submarines are replacing the Typhon-Class submarines, which have been declared obsolete by modern standards. The Eurasian Fleets plan to construct forty such submarines, of which ten have been produced.

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