A painting of the Battle atop the Moor, which marked the point at which the Eurasians decisively gained the upper hand in the war.

The War of the Numantine (Eurasian: Bellum Numantinae; Old Lyrian: Krich vun der numantine) was a war between the Empire of Eurasia and the Imbrispi Confederation over control of the Mediolanian Peninsula from 734 to 739. It resulted in Eurasia gaining control over all of the peninsula and the Imbrispi being driven north into Duresia.

The war began as a result of Imbrispi border conflicts with the Eurasians, eventually resulting in a full breach of the Numinian Frontier, and near half of Labellum and almost all of Mediolanum fell before the Eurasian Legions rallied. Empress Audrea launched a counteroffensive against the tribesman, and succeeded in forcing them from both provinces. The war turned definitively in Eurasia's favor when, on the moors outside Lanuta, the Eurasians defeated the numerically superior Imbrispi army. The war ended with the destruction of the Imbrispi capital, Fane Vilvoore, in the Cleansing of the High Fane in 739.

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