Adrian Strand (Christian Democrat)

The Duchy of Wessex is a state of Aloia. Wessex is located on the west coast of the Aloian peninsula, northwest of Saxony and west of Minnesota. Wessex's name comes from an Old English word literally meaning "west Saxons", because the settlers of the area were Saxons and the area is geographically northwest of the other Saxons. The capital and largest city is Christchurch. Other large and rapidly growing cities are located along Wessex's southern border with Victoria. These suburbs of Zumbrota are expected to surpass Christchurch in size soon. 

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Finland - Honduras - Iceland - Ingria - Karelia - Konza - Lower Silesia - Mariana
Minnesota - Moravia - Nordland - Natal - Oklahoma - Pampas - Patagonia - Pomerania
Pontus - Saint Helena - Saint Petersburg - Saxony - Sonora - Sudetenland - Svea - Tahoe
Upper Silesia - Victoria - Wessex - Westphalia

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