Halsey Chapel


Samuel Foss (Green Party)

The Commonwealth of Wonderstrand is a state in Aloia. Wonderstrand is located in western Anacostia. The capital and largest city is Halsey Chapel. 

Wonderstrand's name comes from its extensive beaches on its Pacific coast. Wonderstrand literally means "beaches of wonder" and the name was appled by the first Swedish explorers from Aloia to come in the 1800s. Wonderstrand is a famous vacation destination throughout the world for its beaches and after Attica, it leads Anacostia in number of annual international visitors. 

Wonderstrand's largest area of public land is Renata Lakes National Park. Wonderstrand also has Zealand Beach and Halsey Beach national parks on its west coast. Eastern Wonderstrand transitions into Anacostia's interior deserts and mesas.

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