The Writ of Bequeathment (Eurasian: Constitutio de Dare; Dovahzul: Pelseofan) is a document written by the Government of Eurasia to the Province of Cortoriacum to gift it to the retired members of the Praetorian Guard. It was consecrated by the Pontifex Maximus of Mos Maiorum and the High Archprimate of Novem Deos in a joint ceremony, and remains in full effect. It is the basis for the rights of the High King of Cortoriacum.

Text of the Writ

English Translation

Wherefore the Lyrian peoples have served the Emperors of Eurasia with honor and dignity, the Empire of Eurasia thus does seek to return unto them the rights of feudal and royal leadership of the Isle of Cortoriacum. The Lyrian peoples having served the Empire shall be entitled to a tract of land prescribed therewith. This land shall be autonomous and governed by the Lyrian peoples, and shall not be governed but nominally by Imperial decree. The land may never be revoked from the Lyrian people, and shall be considered theirs to keep for all eternity.

By the gods it is so.

Eurasian Translation

Quare gens Lyriensis imperatores juvaverunt cum honor et decus, Imperium Eurasiae optat dare tenurae et regno Islae Cortoriacae. Gens Lyriensis qui Imperium Eurasiam juvaverunt potior erunt ab terrae. Hic terrae erit liber et gens Lyriensis in toto gubernabunt, et terrae gubernabunt Eurasiam sed in spiritum adsimulatium. Terrae sui est in aternum, et nunc recantare sit.

Dei nos benedicant, in nomine Jovis, et Martis, et Minervae.

Dovahzul Translation

Ol fin Reyliikdro Bron lost aam faal Junnesefahliil voth zin ahrk kah, faal Junaarsefahliil fol yah wah daal niin vahzah do thurdro Pindaarsekeizaal. Reyliikdro Bron lost aam faal Junaar fent kos ofan aan Golt. Daar Junaar fent kos vomir ahrk rel naal Reyliikdro Bron, ahrk fent ni kos rel nuz kun uth do Junaarsefahliil. Pindaar aal ne kos gahrot nol Reyliikdro Bron, ahrk fent kos ok deina fah pah ul.

Nah fin rah aal nii los ful

Arveyran Translation

Inque las Populas lirianas cum dignita e honora int serviata las Imperatoras da Eurasia, la Imperia da Eurasia vult ax Populas ritornare las Deretias de la Proprietorita fedal e renal da la Insula da Cortoriaqua. Las Populas lirianas hinc serviata la Imperia, estaras entitulata auna Piaza da Terra prescribata alque. I Terra autonoma sera ic governata lirianamente sera, sic nunc sera governata sulque nominalamente pala Dicrita imperial. La Terra nunc puit iamanc essere revoqueata da la Popula liriana, ic essere ax pam mantenire pal Eternita.

Deas volentantas.

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