The emblem of Zenithar, an anvil to represent labor.

Work hard, and thou wilt be rewarded. Spend wisely, and thou wilt be comfortable. Never steal, or thou wilt be punished.

Zenithar (Eurasian: Sentirus) is the Deosian god of wealth, labor, commerce and communication. He is a member of the Nine Divines. His priests seek to demonstrate that through earnest work and honest profit, not through war and bloodshed, peace and prosperity will develop. He is almost always portrayed as male.

Zenithar has perhaps the most diverse array of worshipers, ranging from middling nobility to merchants and tradesman. Zenithar is also the god of skilled workers such as woodcutters, blacksmiths, and stonemasons, and as such is often considered a predictable, if reliable, god. He is considered to be one of the original gods, having been born in the Beginning Place.

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