Zeru Airport
Zeruko Aireportua
Airport code: ZHP

Airport type



Ibarrasque Infrastructure Department
Eizagirre Industries


Unincorporated Probidentzia County, Zeru Island

Hub for

Ibarrasque Airlines

Aircraft movements




The Zeru Airport (Basque: Zeruko Aireportua) is an international airport located south of Bahía de Gracia, Saint Beñat and Argiñe, situated on unincorporated land. It is the largest and busiest airport in the principality.

The airport has two terminals, which are connected by a high-speed moving walkway. The smaller domestic terminal is divided into two parts for ticketing, check-in, and baggage claim, named Lower Domestic Terminal and Upper Domestic Terminal. The portion of the building between the sections includes the Atrium, which is an open seating area featuring concessionaires, a bank, conference rooms, and a chapel. Ibarrasque Airlines is the sole airline for this terminal.

The much larger international terminal is divided in a similar way to the domestic terminal, but features a greater number of airlines. ArvAir occupies the entirety of Concourse A, with Concourse B being used by a variety of airlines.

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