Zumbro River


Lake Wingra


Wanamingo Bay at Zumbrota

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The Zumbro River is a major river in Aloia. The river has the longest course and, with its tributaries, drains the largest basin in Aloia.

The river's origin is Lake Wingra, a large alpine lake in the Aetra Mountains of southern Konza. Lake Wingra occupies the caldera of the extinct volcano Mt. Wingra. After it leaves Lake Wingra, the river flows through mountain canyons and valleys. The river then flows over the plains of Konza, through the city of Salina, and into Old Karlstad, Anglia. The river only briefly travels through Anglia before crossing into Svea, flowing through Karlstad. Zumbro goes through northeastern Uppsala County, and finally enters the Aloian Capital District. The river goes through downtown Zumbrota, which was named for the river, and finally ends in the Bay of Wanamingo. 

The river has historically been a major means of transportation across southeast Aloia and the plains of Konza. Zumbrota's name comes from a corruption of Zumbro-town. The Zumbro River's name itself appears to have come from a corruption of the French name for the local Zumbro River, Rivière des Embarras (Obstruction River).